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Welcome to Safely-Art Tools online. Here you can find useful online tools. Why do you need it? There are many situations when you'd better to use online services. If you want to convert any text into voice, you can easily do it here. Or maybe it's necessary for you to create scrolling text online and you don't know how and where to do it. Links, links, links...almost every text contains one or more links. Do you want to make your links better and more beautiful? Then you need special link's underline generator. There are many effects and you can use anyone you like. If you feel lonely in the evenings, try to find new friends or just chat with random man or woman. Just have fun with VideoChat Roulette and enjoy it. Very often we need timers to do our best to become success and happy. Why not to use online timers ? You spend a lot of time working at the computer and don't have a minute to look at yourself... Well, online mirror can help you. It is easy to use. Just try it. If you want to use more micro services, just let me know and write what you would like. I will be glad to help you.