Text to voice 🔉

Do you want to convert the text into a spoken message? All you need is "Text to voice" tool. Here you can:

  1. Choose the language.
  2. Choose male or female voices.
  3. Copy and paste or just write the text.
  4. Click on "Speach" and listen to what you've just written.
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How to use "Text to voice":

  1. Just write the word or phrase and click on "Speach".
  2. "Add to list" keeps each phrase and lets you listen to them when you want to. When you click on "Add to list" a word or sentence will appear under the table. If you want to listen to it just click on the phrase.
  3. If you write a word in a new line it will be like a new and single phrase.
  4. You can delete all your phrases and words.
  5. The list will be kept for the browser.
  6. You can export your phrases and words and keep them on your computer. Or use them on another computer.